Monday, October 3, 2011

Clouds in the Sky

    Being able to not depend on one computer with a certain set of software seems like a very easy way to be able to use technology in a way the will be accessible to all. Being able to not depend on one thing to use a computer seems to be something that is happening more and more often. The idea of using a cloud seems like something that would make it easier for teachers too. I like the idea of google docs for working on class or even group projects since everyone will be able to have access to them and do not need certain programs on their computers and they can get them from anywhere they have Internet access. This could also limit the amount of times people say that they have lost their document because of a program issue. I also like the idea since if a student forgets to print it out at home or anything like that they would have access to it from anywhere and would still be able to turn in it that day. Emailing work to yourself is also a good idea since it will always be there barring that you can access your email and that email always works. It does discuss that he can foresee schools starting to ask for students to have netbooks but I don't think that is possible since even as the cost of them is decreasing not every family will be able to afford them for everyone of their children. If a teacher is in a low socioeconomic area you can not expect that every student will have a computer but they will all have the ability to go somewhere that does have Internet and be able to access classwork that is in a cloud. I think that clouds will be a great idea for classes when students and teachers are able to use them as one and learn the right and wrong why to use them, but that once again means that teachers have to be open to teaching technology in the classroom. Clouds are going to be a teacher and the classrooms friend as technology continues to grow.

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  1. I think that netbooks for all students would be a good idea. Ensuring constant exposure to technology helps promote competency and familiarity. I do agree that cost is an issue. And if schools require that a student get a netbook, they need to be prepared to help parents out with the cost.

  2. I agree that the cloud system would work very well in classrooms because it provides a back up of work if the student or teacher forgets.I believe that we can not trust computer software because computers are constantly crashing or getting virus. I think this cloud system would allow a teacher and student to communicate on a more technological level.