Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Smile Your on Video

    We all watch videos in class no matter what grade we are in, so many teachers think that it is a good idea to start making videos in our own classes. Videos can be a powerful way to motivate all of our students since everyone will be able to contribute in a way that shows their strengths. Living in a world that is already primarily virtual students are becoming more and more of visual learners. So as teachers we should be able to take that and put it into our classrooms in a way that students find fun as well as it still being educational. As teachers if we do this students are using higher levels of thinking about not only the video techniques but the curriculum as well, the article says, "curriculum driven technology use, not technology driven curriculum". Videos allow students to work in groups and improve the community in a classroom but can improve the school community too. If a teacher takes a topic from their curriculum that could be spread across all grade levels that has opened doors to be able interact with others classes on the schools campus. Being able to present a visual presentation is becoming a concern since we have focused so much on preparing our students to communicate with writing and speaking that they are only able to communicate with a selected audience not an audience that might not have been ideal to them. I agree that students need to be able to communicate no matter the audience and should be able to start practicing this from an early age and be able to be comfortable being in front of an audience but for those that are not video I can see would be a great way to teach them to communicate. Making videos is a way to build community but it teaches students the ideas of planning and preparing ahead of time and being able to be flexible if something does not workout and being able to think on their feet, something that everyone should know how to do. It also gives students the ability to think outside the box in how they might present something to the class or do a project. Students who are shy and timid in class also will get the chance to come out of their "shell" and express themselves in a way  they might not be able to if they just had to stand in front of the class. I think educating teachers on ways to use video in their classes would improve classes in ways that allow everyone to grow.

Hoffenberg, H., & Handler, M. (2001, October). Digital Video Goes to School. Learning & Leading with Technology, 29(2). Retrieved October 5, 2011


  1. Sydney,
    I agree that making videos in the classroom would be very helpful in one's curriculum. It does give students another opportunity to comprehend the concept they are trying to conquer. I believe it benefits students in several ways. It definitely contributes to being able to communicate with others as well as lets students show off their creative skills. I agree with you by having students identify the individuals they are, this will allow them to grow at a young age.

  2. I agree that having students create a video is a great way for students to learn, especially when the the topic expands beyond a single class (history and language arts, for example). Students would have to learn to manage their time properly and be ready to change a plan if it didn't work out originally. I agree that allowing students to make their own videos would allow the quieter and shyer students to come out of their shell and hopefully, blossom.